A Level Further Mathematics

Cambridge International AS and A Level Mathematics – Further (9231)

Cambridge International A Level Further Mathematics develops and extends a set of transferable skills. These include the skill of working with mathematical information, as well as the ability to think logically and independently, consider accuracy, model situations mathematically, analyse results and reflect on findings.

Learners can apply these skills across a wide range of subjects and these skills equip them well for progression to higher education or directly into employment. Some universities prefer applicants for degrees in mathematics and mathematical/scientific subjects to have an AS or A Level Further Mathematics or equivalent qualification.

This syllabus is intended for high ability learners who have achieved, or are likely to achieve, a high grade in the Cambridge International A Level Mathematics examination. Knowledge of the whole content of the Cambridge International A Level Mathematics syllabus is assumed. Learners will find that the additional time spent studying Further Mathematics will support their understanding of A Level Mathematics.

Please note: From 2020 Cambridge International AS Level Further Mathematics is available. The AS Level can be taken at the halfway point in an A Level or as a stand-alone qualification. The AS Level allows a choice of applied mathematics: all candidates study Further Pure Mathematics 1 and choose from either Further Probability & Statistics or Further Mechanics.


A Level Further Mathematics (Statistics) Notes: 

Bivariate Data

Chi Squared Tests

Further work on Distributions

Inference using normal and t distributions

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