Allah in Himself

The Quran lays emphasis on the fundamental principle and theme of Allah in Himself. Allah is the name of a supreme being who is free from all sorts of shortcomings and defects. Surah Ikhlas says: “The nature of Allah is sublime and He is not visible to humans but His presence can be felt by manifestation of His attributes. Allah is distinct from all beings. No one can comprehend Him and He is beyond our imagination. Surah al-Anaam says: “No vision can grasp Him but He has grasp over all visions.”

The Quran also mentions about the attributes of Allah, which signifies His omniscience; means that He has the knowledge of possible and impossible. Ayat al-Kursi says: “He knows what is after and before or behind”. Quran also focuses on Allah’s attitude of omnipotence, which evaluates that He knows the outcomes of the events even before they occur. Surah al-Amaan says: “He has the power to dispose of all affairs”.

Allah is not dependent upon anyone but all His creations are dependent upon Him. No one shares the authority alongside Allah. He is not vulnerable to contradiction and none can match His supreme powers. Allah is unique in His attributes and is free from all sorts of physical limitations and weaknesses. Surah al-Anaam says: “No slumber can seize Him nor sleep”

The Quran focuses on the Allah’s supreme authority. Allah is everlasting and He has not been created by anyone. Instead, we all are His creations and not offsprings! Allah has no descendants neither He has no spouse nor has a physical relation. Surah Ikhlas says: “He begets not nor He is begotten”. As Allah has created us, so it is our duty to only worship Him and not any of His creations because Allah has created them and they do not even posses the slightest of the authority that Allah has. Surah Fussilat says: “To Him is due to primal origin of Heavens and earth”