Allah’s relationship with the created world

The Quran is replete with the theme of Allah’s relation with the Created world. Allah has created the man but has given it more status than other creations, despite sharing the same origin. Allah has provided man with a special mind and body. He passed knowledge to the man and told the significance of transmitting and receiving knowledge. Surah al Alaq says: “your Lord is highly bounteous; He taught the use of pen, taught man what he knew not”. Allah is our teacher and the humans must acknowledge Him as their Creator and Sustainer.

There are four basic bounties, which Allah has gifted to humans living in this universe. He has created Earth and Heavens for us. He made a source of rain for our survival and the growth of vegetation. Surah al-Baqarah says: “He has made Earth your couch, heavens your canopy. He sent down rain from heavens; and by it brought forth fruit for your sustenance”.

Allah is not only our teacher but also the protector of humanity too. He is the most powerful and we must only seek His guidance. He is there to protect the humans from Satan and lead them to the righteous path. Surah al-Nas says: “I seek refuge of the Lord, the Cherisher of mankind… from the mischief whisperer who withdraws”

Holy Quran also mentions about the ending of this world, one day. The time when world would be brought to end with disaster, the earth would shake and all landmarks would be destroyed and there would be a mayhem. There would not be any injustice and Allah would reward humans according to their deeds and sins.

Quran also mentions the attributes of Allah as Rabb, cherisher and sustainer. It means that He brings someone from the lower stages to the higher stages until completeness is reached. It also tells us about Allah being Rahman and Rahim, which means that Allah passes over the grace, love, compassion and tolerance from Him to his creations so that they can stay away from the evil intentions of the Satan and lead a better life. Hence, get the fruit of it in Hereafter.